Best Canara Bank Mini Statement Guide & Balance Check 2021

CNRB is known as Canara Bank. It is stand in line with one of the largest and oldest public sector bank in India. It established in Mangalore in 1906. The main branch of this bank is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was 114 years old. The bank expanded its branches up to 6639. There are 10600 ATM machines all over the nation. The bank widened its branches into some abroad countries too.

  1. Investment banking
  2. Consumer banking
  3. Commercial banking
  4. Retail banking
  5. Private banking
  6. Asset management
  7. Pensions
  8. Mortgages
  9. Credit cards

These are the key functions of Canara Bank.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Guide

Best Canara Bank Mini Statement Guide & Balance Check 2021

6 easy ways to check the balance for Canara Bank Account?

There are a few types of balance checking in Canara Bank Account.

  • Missed call.
  • ATM mini statement.
  • SMS
  • Internet banking.
  • Mobile banking.
  • Bank passbook printing.

We will see the full details of each type of balance checking system in the Canara Bank Account.

Canara Bank Passbook

How to check the balance in Bank passbook printing in 5 minutes?

Bank passbook printing was the earliest method to check the balance. Every account has a specific bank passbook. It includes our information, address, and other credentials. In earlier there was a person appointed to print the passbook. Now every bank has a special system to print the bank without bank employee help.

How to print the canara bank passbook?

Every bank passbook has a special QR code that scanned by the machine to print the passbook. These are the following steps to check the balance via passbook printing.

Step 1: Insert your bank passbook into the machine

Step 2: Select the language

Step 3: QR code scanned and printed the passbook

Step 4: If the page completed the book will eject

Step 5: Change the page and insert again into the machine

Step 6: Check the Balance after printing in the passbook.

Canara Bank Missed Call Balance Enquiry

Through the missed call facility we can check the balance of the account from Canara Bank. The Canara Bank has given a few numbers to check the balance. Through this missed call facility we can get the balance of our account via message as SMS service.

Steps check the balance in Canara Bank via missed call facility?

We all have a mobile that connected with bank account because without mobile. We can’t create accounts in the bank. So everyone has registered their mobile number with the bank. So we can check the balance via missed call alert facility.

Let see some numbers provided by the bank to check the balance.

Canara Bank missed call number
S. NoMissed call NumberOptions
109015483483Check the balance in English
209015734734Last 5 money transactions in English
309015613613Last 5 money transactions in Hindi

SMS balance Enquiry

Canara Bank SMS bank 1

We can know our bank balance via SMS. Let us see the procedure on how to check the balance via SMS.

What are the 7 easy steps to check balance via SMS banking?

Step 1: Take mobile and open the messaging option

Step 2: Enter CANBAL in capital letters

Step 3: Put space and type User id.

Step 4: Leave a space and type MPIN in capital letters

Step 5: Enter your account Number by CANBAL  xxxxxxxxxxxx

Canara Bank SMS bank 2

Step 6: Send the SMS to 5607060

Canara Bank SMS number

Step 7: You will receive a message about your balance.

Canara Bank Mini Statement using ATM

Earlier, we got the money by filling up forms and get the money from the bank. For this, the bank has implemented a new system all over the world. ATM – Automated Teller Machine. They provide a Card with a magnetic chip or SIM-based chip and a secret PIN which we can only operate the card. This ATM card is a secure facility to get the money and also to check the balance. Some cards provide magnetic chips but now it outdated. The new cards provide the SIM-based type that includes all our information in that chip with a secret PIN.

How to check the Balance in ATM in 5 minutes?

Step 1: Enter your card in the machine.

Canara Bank ATM machine

Step 2: Choose the language

Step 3: Enter your 4 digit secret PIN number

Step 4: Find the balance inquiry option or Mini statement option

Canara Bank ATM machine balance checking

Step 5: Click the Button or touch the option

Step 6: Click or touch the Savings or Current account

Step 7: Final the balance will show or print will come out from the machine

Canara Bank Internet Banking

Now the digital platform has introduced to pay for all the transactions. So the bank has implemented a new system. The internet banking system has a specific username and password. We have registered in the bank to get the internet banking facility option.

 How does internet banking work?

The bank will provide the Username and a password to create an internet banking account. Later we have to change the username and password for our convenience. But you should keep the username and password as a secret.

Step 1: Login into Canara Bank website

Canara Bank internet banking home page

Step 2: Click the net banking option.

Canara Bank online bank

Step 3: Enter your Username and password.

Canara Bank Net banking login

Step 4: Click the Home page

Step 5: Click the Balance statement or Mini Statement

Step 6: Download or view the Balance Statement

Mobile Banking Facility

The mobile banking system differs from the internet banking system. The Mobile Banking system has a specific application to run. You can check the balance from your mobile phone application.

Canara Bank mobile application

Step 1: Download the Bank application from the Google play store

Canara Bank mobile application play store

Step 2: Install the application

Canara Bank mobile application download
Canara Bank mobile application registration

Step 3: Register with your 13 digit account number

account number

Step 4: You will receive an OTP number to your registered mobile number


Step 5: Type the OTP number in the application and Create a Username and password.


Step 6: Login into the application and check the balance via your mobile application.

login page of mobile application

Step 7: You can view the following options in the home page of the mobile application

  1. Banking
  2. Mini statement.
  3. Fund transfer and other features in the mobile application.
home page of mobile application

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