How to Find CIF Number in Indian Bank in 2 Mins

One can find the CIF number in the Indian Bank passbook, cheque book, net banking page, etc. Before you learn how to find the CIF number in Indian Bank, first learn what is CIF number. Most of us may be wondering what CIF stands for, to clear your curiosity CIF stands for Customer Information File number. It is a number that is the identity of a customer for a Bank.

Each and every detail of the customer is stored in an Information file with reference to the CIF number. So, it’s an important number and should be kept carefully.

CIF Number in Indian Bank

CIF Number in Indian Bank

How To Locate or Find Indian Bank CIF Number

When we open an account in a bank the bank issues us a Passbook to keep a record of our transactions. Our bank details are mentioned on the first page of the passbook and we can get it from there.

  • Open Indian Bank passbook
  • Go to the first page where our details are printed
  • The CIF number is printed there above the account number of the bank

Another method to find CIF numbers in Indian Bank is by calling customer care services. Call the Indian Bank customer care, they will ask for your name and account number and you can get your Customer Information File Number or CIF number. Remember not to share your confidential details like password, ATM PIN with anyone.

Besides this, you can log in to the Indian Bank net banking page to view the CIF number. And debit card or the credit card of the Indian Bank also carries the CIF number. Other than this, if you have a cheque book issued by the Indian bank, you can find the CIF number from there as well.

So these are the methods to find the Indian Bank CIF number. Hope you find it useful.

About Indian Bank

Headquartered in Chennai Indian Bank is one of the top-performing Public Sector banks in India. With roots established from 1907 till now, it knows what a customer needs and has gained so much experience to handle his/her needs. Keeping Pace with the technology, Indian Bank work with the same process as others, maintaining data of customer’s identity digitally.

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