Best Vijaya Bank Net banking Guide Learn in 2 Minutes

Vijaya bank is one of the private financial sector banks in India. It is a non-government bank. It nationalized along with the other banks. The headquarters of the bank located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The bank allows for various products and services.

  1. Rural banking
  2. Personal banking
  3. NRI banking.

Rural banking:

The main goal of this bank is to enterprising farmers. The farmers can avail of the loan facility. Savings accounts, deposit, and other facility-related to farmer’s schemes are also available.

Personal banking:

Personal banking includes some features.

  1. Savings account
  2. Current account
  3. RTGS/NEFT fund transfer
  4. Long term deposit (FD),
  5. Short term deposit (RD),
  6. Credit/Debit cards facility, etc.

NRI banking:

Non Residential Indians can avail loan facilities through NRI banking in this bank. Savings accounts, deposit, and other facilities also permitted.

The bank has a wide range of 1227 branches all over the nation. The bank has 49 deposit counter machines, 551 withdrawal machine (ATM) all over India. This bank merged with Bank of Baroda along with Dena bank on April 1, 2019.

Vijaya Bank Net banking

Vijaya Bank Net Banking

How to open Net banking in Vijaya bank in easy steps?

To open an online internet banking account in Vijaya bank. The following details needed

  1. Basic account
  2. Account passbook
  3. Mobile number/ Email id

Step 1: Go to the bank and get an application for online banking.

Step 2: Fill it with the necessary details.

Step 3: Get the Net banking kit from the bank staff.

Step 4: Visit the bank website.

Step 5: Type your user id and password as given in the kit.

Vijaya banking Login and activate:

How to log in and activate Net banking in Vijaya bank in 5 easy steps?

Step 1: Search and Type the Homepage of the Vijaya bank website.

Vijaya bank login

Step 2: Fill the user id and password

Step 3: Type the captcha code and select the language.

Step 4: Click the login button.

Step 5: Activation message will receive to the registered mobile number.

How to Unblock user id in Vijaya bank?

We forgot our user id and password due to confusion and less memory. It happens to all. You write your user id in the right time. If you are mistaken more than 3 times your user id will block automatically. But, there is an option to recover user id and password.

What are the 3 ways to unblock user id?

You can unblock the user id in 3 modes. You can mail, call the toll free number, and website

  1. If your account has blocked and needed to unblock. You can write the bank mail address with your basic details. After the verification, the bank will activate your account within 24 hours duration. If it is a holiday it may take time to unblock by the bank. The mailing address to unblock the user id is
  2. You can dial the toll – free number to register a complaint. The toll – free number is 1800-425-4066.
  3. Visit the website of Vijaya bank. Search the login trouble link. Fill the necessary details and unblock the account.

How to reset password in 2 minutes?

Step 1: Click the official website of Vijaya bank.

Step 2: Click the Forgot password link.

Step 3: A page will open to reset the password.

Step 4: Fill the details of User id and account number.

Vijaya password reset

Step 5: Type the captcha code and click to continue.

Step 6: Enter a new password with alphanumeric, symbols, and Upper/lower case letters.

Step 7: Re-Enter the New password and click submit.

Step 8: An OTP will send to register the mobile number.

Step 9: Enter the OTP number and Submit Final.

Some important notes and instructions are given by the bank. Read the instructions before resetting the password. Check the details to submit a password change.

Vijaya password instructions

How to check the balance in Net banking in Vijaya bank within 10 minutes?

The beneficiary is important to receive the fund or to transfer the amount. The remitter sends the money to the receiver known as the beneficiary.

Step 1: Click the official website of Vijaya bank.

Step 2: Click Retail and Continue to login.

Vijaya bank login

Step 3: Write the user id and password.

Step 4: Type the captcha code and click the login button.

Step 5: Click the account summary balance or view balance.

How to add beneficiary less than 5 minutes?

Step 1: Visit the website of Vijaya bank.

Step 2: Enter the credential of user id and password

Step 3: Click the Payments & transfer available there.

Step 4: Mode of payment like RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS will view there.

Step 5: Click the Manage beneficiary option.

Step6: Fill the details of the beneficiary and make a payment.

The following details needed to add beneficiary in the account of remitter.

  1. Beneficiary name
  2. Beneficiary account number
  3. Beneficiary bank account name
  4. Beneficiary bank IFSC code
  5. Beneficiary mobile number registered with the bank.,

How to delete beneficiary in Vijaya bank via online banking in less than 10 minutes?

Step 1: Log in internet banking with user id and password

Step 2: Click the payments & transfer option.

Step 3: View payment methods of RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT

Step 4: Click Manage Beneficiary option.

Step 5: Delete / Change beneficiary.

What is personal banking in Vijaya bank?

We cannot come all the time to the bank for a single fund transfer. Sometimes it is difficult to transfer the fund from the bank. Due to some reasons are like

Holidays, overcrowd, etc.

For that bank has started an online personal banking facility. This facility available via mobile is banking, internet banking. In mobile banking, it is used in application mode. The bank developed certain applications for mobile banking facilities. Through this, we can transfer the fund in personal banking mode.

Vijaya bank personal bank
In internet banking, you don’t need an application to start. Visit the website and click the personal banking.


What are the functions of personal banking in the Vijaya bank?

  • You can transfer the fund at any time, anywhere in any place.
  • You can add/delete the beneficiary at any time, anywhere in anyplace.
  • You can pay/apply the fixed deposit, recurring deposit, loan amount, etc.
  • Electricity bills, Water bills, and DTH, mobile recharge also can pay here.
  • You can get your pension amount/pension schemes via personal banking.
  • You can download/view your transaction statement.
  • You can pay your taxes via personal banking
  • Loans such as gold loans and other kinds of loans are giving by personal banking.
  • Online shopping.

Vijaya Bank missed call alert service

How do I get a missed call service in Vijaya bank?

Missed call alert service is one of the services provided by the bank. Through this facility, we can know account balance, last 5 t transactions. This facility is available only for the Vijaya bank customers. They need to call the number from their registered mobile number in the bank.

The service numbers are:

  • 09243210480 – This number for only Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad customers only.
  • Toll – free number: 18001035535/18003138540

After giving a missed call to these numbers from your registered number. Your account balance will receive a text message to your registered mobile number.

How to check the balance via the toll-free number in 2 steps?

Step 1: Dial the numbers from your registered mobile number in the bank. The toll – free numbers are: 18004255885/18004259992/18004254066

Step 2: Balance will receive a text message to your registered mobile number. You can get your mini statement in this service.

This service available only on the working days of the bank.

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